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haki-no-jetsu has started a donation pool!
390 / 4,866

All points donated will be used to make :iconmanga-coloring-world:
#Manga-Coloring-world into a Super Group. :D

We appreciate every donation, no matter how big or small, so don't hesitate if you can spare some points.

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I will begin now commission :D
I do lineart and colo
If you are interested, here is the price :

I) Lineart

a) Lineart with 1-2 characters without BG or with simply BG : 10-40 points,
example :
Natsu Dragneel lineart by haki-no-jetsu kurosaki ichigo lineart by haki-no-jetsu Toshiro Hitsugaya by haki-no-jetsuUlquiorra Cifer Lineart by haki-no-jetsu Byakuya  Kuchiki  Lineart by haki-no-jetsu

b) Lineart 1 or many characters with simply BG or entire page : 40-60 points,

c) Lineart many characters with complex BG: 60-80 points

d)to line art full manga page 50-100:points:

II) Colo

If I must just colo and don't do the line I remove the price of the line

a) Line + colo 1 characters without BG or with a white BG : 50 points (not big complexity)
Bleach 455: Ichigo by haki-no-jetsu Ichigo Kurosaki-Bleach 455 by haki-no-jetsu

b) Line + colo 1 characters with simply BG/screenshot BG and simply/big effect 60- 80 points,
Tsunayoshi sawada by haki-no-jetsu kurosaki ichigo by haki-no-jetsu Reborn by haki-no-jetsu Jellal Fernandes by haki-no-jetsu Blind and solitude by haki-no-jetsu

c) Line + colo 1 characters with 2-3 characters and simply BG or screenshot BG and simply or big effect: 150 -180 points, depending of the complexity
Ichigo come back by haki-no-jetsu Getsuga Tenshou by haki-no-jetsu -natsu -by haki no jetsu by haki-no-jetsu The Lighting Flame Dragon by haki-no-jetsu Ulquiorra Cifer by haki-no-jetsu

d) Line + colo Full page or Many characters with simply BG: 180 - 300 points depending of the complexity
Bleach-ch460-p11 by haki-no-jetsu

So that is for the price, now the process

1. Send me a note with the subject (line, colo, line+ colo)
2. Describe your commission: tell me what do you want, what I must line or colo,without BG, with a simply BG or a complex, etc.. ( don't abuse with the complex BG, I don't want to die xD)
3. After finishing the work I'll send you a screenshot of it. You'll give me points and I'll send you work in original size

See ya :)

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